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Fermenti Digitali, or, in English, "digital ferments". Something able to transform stuff in substance, grapes in a wine, ideas in actions. In our case, we do it digitally, leveraging the power of transformation of the Internet and social media.

Fermenti Digitali is the consultancy brand we created with this idea in mind: as two professionals skilled in wine new media and technology, we help wineries and wine business to leverage the opportunities of the Internet and new media, to improve their sales, organizations, competitiveness, communications.

Not only we are focused on communication, we even push wine entrepreneurs to consider how the Internet is changing the global wine business.

Our mission is committed to helping wineries to innovate business processes and sales organizations, to develop branding through marketing online, exploit direct sales to trade and consumers, specially wine tourists, addressing the human capital they need with proper training efforts.

We are also skilled wine bloggers with our own "Aristide, blog di viaggio nel vino" (Giampiero Nadali) and "Vinopigro" (Elisabetta Tosi).

This site, made like a blog, will be the journal were we report our business adventures, opportunities, mistakes, innovations.

Giampiero Nadali
Elisabetta Tosi

info @ fermentidigitali . com